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May 21, 2019

You may notice that things look a little different around here… and that’s because I’ve got a new website!!! YAY!!!! I am SO excited to share what’s been going on behind the scenes for the past couple of weeks!

Jennifer Post Photography has been growing a lot this past year or two, not only in style but services as well, and I really wanted to rebrand my business with a designer. I knew it was something my business needed to be consistent, professional, and high end across all the different aspects of my business. I’ve basically had the SAME colors and feel for my brand for the past few years and needed something that was more ME and would attract my ideal clients way better. I wanted to keep a clean, soft feel so that the images I create speak for themselves and don’t get detracted from by a busy website template.

I was able to work with Gillian, from Gillian Sarah Design for my website redo, and she did SUCH a good job. She totally got me and what I was looking for. Her clean and elegant designs are what really drew me to her and she really NAILED IT. And even though we were working together but sooo far apart (her in Scotland, me in Ohio) she made the process so personable, with video updates and clear directions as to what she needed from me. Plus her two sweet kitties had a few cameos in her video updates- let me tell you, they’re adorable. If you know me, you know how much I love animals and cats, especially my sweet Jasmine! So, I had such a great time working with her and can’t recommend her enough! I am absolutely obsessed with my new website!!!

I am absolutely thrilled to share the new website for Jennifer Post Photography! It’s truly a website that reflects me, who I am, what I love, and is on point with the clients I want to attract. The vibe is totally what I was going for! I am so grateful for all of Gillian’s hard work and the end result!

If you’re interested in a template or services of Gillian, here’s where you can find her:


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