Jason & Diana

May 13, 2020

Jason & Diana Eden Park Engagement Session, Cincinnati Ohio, Jennifer Post Photography


Let me tell you, I was so happy when I finally got to meet Diana and Jason for their engagement session. We had to battle Covid-19 restrictions, rainy weather, and hope that we could get their session in before I was due to have my baby! Thankfully, the weather held, and baby Post decided to stay put! Diana and Jason heard about me through a couple of my family members, who are mutual friends with Jason’s family. I am so thankful they decided to trust me to capture their love story!

How they Met:

“Jason and I met at the University of Dayton as undergrads. Neither of us can remember exactly when we met – we had a ton of mutual friends and overlapping classes (we’re both mechanical engineers) so we’re convinced we knew each other freshman year, but we can’t prove it. Regardless, our sophomore year became really good friends. Unfortunately, I spent a couple semesters off campus while I was working as a co-op in Cincinnati, so we fell out of touch. But when I came back to Dayton for the end of junior year, we starting hanging out again and finally started dating.”

How He Proposed:

“Our first summer dating, Jason took it upon himself to be my personal tour guide to all things Cincinnati. Our official first date was a walk through Ault Park (afterwards we got Graeter’s ice cream of course). As Jason started planning his proposal, he knew he wanted to incorporate many of our favorite Cincinnati things. The proposal itself was a walk around Ault Park that ended at the bottom of the Pavilion stairs, where Jason proposed. Afterwards, we had dinner at the Incline Public House and met up with our friends at Rhinegeist to celebrate. We got to see all of our favorite Cincinnati sites, our best friends, and I got to say the easiest “Yes!” of my life.”

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